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History of Dorsten - Station 46: Rose Brewery

The former Rose Brewery in Wulfen might have been history for many years, but there are still numerous residents of Wulfen and friends of local brewing who continue to collect everything related to the former cult brand "Rose." Besides the Wulfen Local Heritage Society, there are also several private collectors who hold in high regard anything associated with the brewery. This includes everything from a simple bottle cap to beer coasters, glasses, pub furnishings, and even old oak barrels.

The railway line from Oberhausen to Quakenbrück via Dorsten is inaugurated. It is an important connection between the Ruhr area and the North Sea ports.




The Wulfen brewer Arnold Lohkamp establishes a rural brewery in Wulfen. In 1901, it becomes a joint-stock company. The main shareholder becomes Wilhelm Rose from Essen.



Wilhelm Rose, along with his business partner Friedrich Küppers, establishes the "Bürgerliches Brauhaus Rose & Comp., Wulfen" as a general partnership (Offene Handelsgesellschaft). The annual beer production amounts to 5,600 hectoliters.

25. Firmenjubiläum 1928



Emil Rose joins as a partner in the management of the paternal business. Through expansion and modernization, the annual production increases to 60,000 hectoliters by 1925. Beer distribution is carried out using a fleet of horses, several trucks, and by railway.

Der amerikanische Pilot Charles Lindbergh überfliegt in seiner einmotorigen




Rose beer is also bottled. Nearly all the innkeepers in the Herrlichkeit Lembeck are supplied almost exclusively with Rose beer. The customer base extends from the Aachen region to the Emsland. With 80 employees, the highest number of staff in the company's history is reached.

Garages and Vehicle Fleet in 1928



The newly constructed brew tower with the distinctive signage "ROSE-PILS" becomes a landmark of Wulfen.



Emil Rose's son-in-law, the merchant Ludwig Heermann, joins the company as a commercial agent and later becomes the managing director. In 1950, the third generation enters the company's management with Arnulf Rose.

With a 3-2 victory over Hungary, Germany becomes the FIFA World Cup champion.




Emil Rose passes away during a recovery stay in Bad Reichenhall. He had successfully managed, modernized, and expanded the brewery for over three decades. Simultaneously, the beloved company leader was deeply attached to his homeland and was involved in several associations.

Aerial view of the brewery around 1950.



Arnulf Rose and Ludwig Heermann inaugurate a new brewhouse with an annual capacity of 11 million liters. Since the currency reform in 1948, the brewery had increased its beer production by 390%.



Due to intense competition from large breweries, the brewery is sold to the Essen-based beverage wholesaler Hans Droll. In early 1991, the brewery was still producing 30,000 liters of beer weekly.



After 113 years, the beer production is unexpectedly discontinued in September.

In eleven countries of the European Union (EU), the Euro is introduced as a form of currency. Euro banknotes and coins are available starting from January 1, 2002.




The 13,000 square meter brewery site comes under the ownership of the Dorstener Versorgungs- und Betriebsgesellschaft (now WinDor), with the majority participation of the city of Dorsten.



In Wulfen, a new center named "Am Brauturm" is being developed, featuring two grocery stores, various specialty shops, practices, and offices. The former brewery building houses a restaurant and an ice cream parlor with an outdoor terrace. A 1,200 m² square in the center serves as an event venue.


Daten und Fakten

Eröffnung - 17. September 2022

Adresse -

Geodaten - 51.716524, 7.011883

46th historical marker officially inaugurated.

On Saturday morning, another historical marker in Dorsten was officially unveiled to the public at the Wulfen Brew Tower. The historical plaque for the "Brauerei Rose" was an idea by Reiner Schulze-Tenberge.

He is a member of the history group of the local heritage society in Wulfen and an enthusiastic collector of all things related to the former Wulfen Brewery.

Two children unveiled the station.

In addition to Mayor Tobias Stockhoff, Dr. Josef Ulfkotte was also present. He is the chairman of the Association for Local History and Heritage in Dorsten. Of course, the numerous members of the history group from the Wulfen Local Heritage Society couldn't be missing either.