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Dorsten's History - Station 4: The Petrinum Grammar School

The Petrinum Grammar school celebrated its 350th Jubilee Year in 1992.

Co-operation in 1642: During the 30-year War the Franciscan Monastery and the town decide "that the local children should be educated in Latin, in etiquette and in particular the right religious belief and at not too high a cost and under the supervision of the parents" (Notitia historica Conventis Durstensis)

Final phase of the Thirty Years War.

The first School Building - Westgraben




The Petrinum is founded jointly by the Franciscans of Dorsten and the Town of Dorsten on the 1st November 1642. The many wars during the 17th and 18th centuries have ruined the town. The Franciscans, on their own, ensure the continuation of the school.



The "Petrinische Gymnasium" (Petrinische Grammar School), as it was clasiified in 1807, receives the status of a "Progymnasium", whose pupils leave after a total of 10 or 11 years of education (in the 10th or 11th class).

Queen Victoria, Queen of Great Britain between 1837 and 1901




The last head-teacher of the Franciscan Order dies in this year.

School Building - Klosterstraße



Following its expansion into a Grammar School providing a complete education in the humanities, the Petrinum says farewell to its first A'level students (1903/04). In the following year, the Grammar School has 295 pupils, taught by 16 teachers.

Palestine gains a constitution under English protectorate.




The town makes an agreement with the neighbouring municipalities of Hervest and Holsterhausen to add a secondary modern school (Realschule) to the Petrinum.

Teacher Training College - Bochumer Straße



The Belgians and the French occupy the town and set-up their headquarters in the school buildings. The Petrinum has to move into the former teacher training college, Bochumer Straße.

Japan leaves the League of Nations.


1933 - 1945


During the NS-Era, the school continues as a Grammar School teaching classics.

Initially, following the re-opening of the school, the lessons can only partially be taught because not all of the teachers have returned from the war, yet.




Initially, following the re-opening of the school, the lessons are reduced because still not all of the teachers have returned from the war.

Building Alterations - Bochumer Straße



The school community celebrates the erection of the new building and the alterations to the old school building, Bochumer Straße.

The Schmidt Government fails in a vote of no-confidence.

New Building - Maria Lindenhof




In this year, the Petrinum starts up lessons in its new location in "Maria Lindnhof".



The building extension is completed, thereby considerably improving the classroom


Daten und Fakten

Eröffnung - 14th September 2001

Adresse - Petrinum, Hochstadenplatz

Geodaten - 51°39'53.9 6°57'47.8

Official Opening on the 14th September 2001

Josef Ulfkotte, Wolfgang Gorniak (headmaster), Hans-Jochen Schräjahr lead the School History Club.