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History of Dorsten - Station 38: Holsterhausen

Lambert Lütkenhorst, " With the presentation of the, at this point, 38th History Station of Dorsten, the proven co-operation between the Grammar School, the Lions Club Dorsten-Hanse and the the town is continued" „Mit der Übergabe der nunmehr 38. Station Dorstener Geschichte konnte die bewährte Zusammenarbeit zwischen dem Gymnasium, dem Lions Club Dorsten-Hanse und der Stadt fortgesetzt werden“.
He showed himself to be very impressed by the "particularly successful" ("besonders gelungenen") History Staions. "It connects the history of the town district with the people who live here" ("Sie bringt die Geschichte des Ortsteils mit Menschen in Verbindung, die hier leben") is the way that the head of the town's administration praised the choice of themes.

Being a citizen of Holsterhausen, himself, Lambert Lütkenhorst highlighted the importance of the town district for the whole town. "Before Hermann knocked the Romans on the head, 2000 years ago, the Romans were in Holsterhausen". ("Bevor Hermann vor 2000 Jahren den Römern eins auf die Nuss gegeben hat, waren die Römer in Holsterhausen"). "Who can say that about Lembeck, Rhade and Altendorf?" joked Lütkenhorst in a witty way.

King "Henry the Lion" ("Heinrich der Löwe") established the City of Braunschweig.




The name "Holsterhausen" is referred to in the assessment register ("Heberegister") of the Abbey in Werden.



House Hagenbeck "Haus Hagenbeck" is recorded documentarily. The family coat of arms - three golden rings on a red background - is part of the coat of arms of Holsterhausen.

The Church of St Antonius (1443) "St Antonius-Kirche"



The bishop of Münster raises the chapel parish, that had belonged up until then to the parish of St Paulus in Hervest, to the level of an independent parish.

The Republican Party is established in the USA.




The first Protestant sermon is supposed to have been held in Holsterhausen, in this year. The independent protestant parish of Holsterhausen, "Evangelische Kirchengemeinde Holsterhausen", is established in 1921 and the church, "Martin-Luther-Kirche", is erected in 1923.

Ceramic Works (around 1912)



The cotton-bleaching company, Paton, starts up its production. The installation of the coal mine. Baldur, and the building of the ceramic works around 1910, as well as the settlement of further businesses results in an enormous increase in the population during the following decades.

Theodore Roosevelt receives the Nobel Peace Prize for his mediaton in the Russo-Japanese War (russisch-japanischer Krieg)




Lessons begin in the newly-built Catholic Antonius School (katholische Antoniusschule), in this year. Two further schools are established, at a later point in time, e.g. the Protestant Wilhelms School (evangelische Wilhelmschule) in 1912, the "Baldurschule" in 1922 and the "Bonifatiusschule" in 1930. The school centre at the address "Pliesterbecker Straße" is established in the 1970's.

The Martin-Luther-Church ("Martin-Luther-Kirche")



The provisional church of St Bonifatius is built in the east of the parish. The foundation stone for the present parish church was laid in 1959.



The School Sisters of Heiligenstadt ("die Heiligenstädter Schulschwestern") take on a wide range of social care and caring activities at the address of "Bußmannskotten". The Mother school "Mütterschule", which was founded in 1961, is the beginning of the present-day Catholic family education place ("katholische Familienbildungsstätte") known as "House of the Family" ("Haus der Familie").

Canberra is made the Capital of Australia

RWW- Waterworks




The ground-waterworks of Holsterhausen (RWW) starts up.



The Countryside Association of Westphalia-Lippe, ("Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe) (LWL) erects a youth reform school at the site of "Kreskenhof" but it is given up in the 90's.



During the building works at "Koldenfeld" and "Kreskenhof", archaeologists of the LWL discover several Roman military camps, as well as settlements from the Middle Ages.


Daten und Fakten

Eröffnung - 29.June 2013

Adresse - The street , "Hagenbecker Straße"

Geodaten - 51°40'35.2 6°56'18.6

Celebratory Presentation on 29th June 2013

Pupils of the History Club of the Petrinum Grammar School and members of the Local History Society ("Verein für Orts- und Heimatkunde" have prepared the History Station.

The speaker at the ceremony

Lambert Lütkenhorst related from his childhood, when his mother still called the Antonius Church ("Antoniuskirche") the Mother Church ("Mutterkirche"). The Catholics went to the school, "St Bonifatius-Schule" and the Protestants to the school, "Martin-Luther-Schule". Laughing, he said, "I won't say what the Catholic boys got up to with the Protestant girls on the Market Place" ("Ich erzähl' aber nicht, was die katholischen Jungs mit den evangelischen Mädchen auf dem Markt gemacht haben".
The times of the division in Holsterhausen are over. Grinning, Hohn said, as a best example: "After all, being a "53er", I find myself in the territory of the "Brudervereins" of the village of Holsterhausen". („Schließlich befinde ich mich als 53er auf dem Gebiet des Brudervereins Holsterhausen-Dorf“) ("Holsterhausen-Dorf")".
Translator's Note: The German sentences are not clearly understandable.

Lambert Lütkenhorst and Wolfgang Hohn

Relating many such "family anecdotes", the Mayor, Lambert Lütkenhorst, together with Wolfgang Hohn, the "King" of the Rifle Club "Schützenvereins Holsterhausen 53", unveiled the 38th History Station of Dorsten

Lütkenhorst and Hohn, the Unveilers of the History Station plaque.

It is located opposite the church "St Antonius Kirche" at the address "Hagenbecker Straße". The position was specifically chosen, as Jochen Schräjahr from the local history society "Orts- und Heimatkunde Dorsten" emphasised. Because the Hagenbeck Estate is said to be the origin of Holsterhausen.

Jochen Schräjahr from the Local History Society "Verein für Orts- und Heimatkunde"

Many interested citizens were present at the opening ceremony.

The spectators

The President of the Lions Club "LC Dorsten-Hanse" was among the first readers.

The first Readers.