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Dorsten's History - Station 2: Sport in Dorsten Translation: Lyn

Dorsten has more than 150 clubs, of which around 110 are sports clubs representing popular sports, such as football, handball, tennis and dancing or swimming.

There are also numerous clubs for fans of unicycling, boxing, diving or horseriding, which cater to the public spirit and organise competitions and tournaments. In addition, there is also a choice for team, group or individual sport at numerous sports halls, sports grounds, swimming baths, tennis courts, riding schools, boathouses and an airfield for gliders.

The first sports club in Germany: The English Rowing Club starts up in Hamburg.




The Petrinum Grammar School is one of the first secondary schools to have a gym.

Basketball is introduced into China by American missionaries.




The cycing club Germania stages its first race meeting.



A "Grammar-School" rowing club is formed at the Petrinum Grammar School.



The Dorsten tennis club "Dorstener Tennisclub" is established.



The "SuS Hervest-Dorsten" ist the first football club to be established in the town.



Aus einer Arbeits­beschaffungs­maßnahme entsteht der Luftsportverein Dorsten.



In order to revive local sport, official championships take place in the jurisdictional area of Hervest-Dorsten.



The official organisation "Amtsverband" for physical education (nowadays: the
municipal sports organisation "Stadtsportverband") is established.



Günther Sladky, who was trained by Jan ten Bulte, achieves second place at the EM in boxing (middleweight)




Friedhelm Seemann becomes the German flyweight champion.

The National Football League begins.




BVH Dorsten (football) reaches the highest level for amateur sport.



The women's basketball team of the BG Dorsten achieves promotion into the national league.

Michael Längler



Michael Längler (DLC) achieves second place in the 3000m hurdles at the German Championships.

Bob Beamon' s World Record in Long Jump (8.90m) is broken after 23 years.




The rowers Balster, Klapheck and Streppelhof (RVD), all from Dorsten, win in the
German-Eight at the World Championships.



Thorsten Streppelhoff (RVD) wins bronze in the German-Eight at the Olympic Games in Barcelona and silver at Atlanta in 1996.

Sport influenced by money: Olympic (Coca-Cola) Games in Atlanta.

Formation of




The jazz and modern dance formation of the "TSZ Royal Wulfen" become the German Champions



Angelika Erdmann (Badminton Club Hervest) wins three championship titles in wheelchair-badminton "Rollstuhl-Badminton".

Rommelmann und Osborne holen Ruder-Silber



Der Ruderer Jason Osborne, der 10 Jahre im Dorstener Ruderverein aktiv war bis er sich dem Mainzer Ruderverein 1878 anschloss, gewann bei den Olympischen Sommerspielen im Juli 2021 in Tokio mit seinem Partner Jonathan Rommelmann die Silbermedaille im leichten Doppelzweier.


Daten und Fakten

Eröffnung - 25th August 2001

Adresse - Boathouse of the rowing club Dorsten

Geodaten - 51°39'40.4 ,6°55'40

Ceremonial Presentation on 25th August 2001

25th August 2001 at the Wesel-Datteln-Canal: Mayor L. Lütkenhorst acknowledges the achievements of the sportsmen, sportswomen and the tireless commitment of the countless volunteers in the town's sports clubs.

Mayor L. Lütkenhorst with the town's archivist Christa Setzer, Dr Helmut Frenzel (chairman of the rowing club Dorsten) and Walter Schulte (chairman of the local tourist association).

Sponsors within the sports sector: Hermann Imping, Hans-Ulrich Pollender, Dr. Helmut Schulte, Paul Schürmann, Heinrich Streppelhoff, Dr. Thomas Schlotmann.